My name is Tim Blömeke, I’m a technical diving instructor in Taiwan and the Philippines, a cave and rebreather diver, as well as a writer and member of the editorial team for Alert Diver (EU) magazine.

Please see my blog for a collection of articles I wrote for various publications. If you’re interested in the courses I teach, would like me to write about a project you’re working on, or just want to say hi, please get in touch.


Notes from Rebreather Forum 4

I had the pleasure and the honor to cover RF4 for DAN Europe last month. It was an amazing experience meeting the Who’s Who of technical diving, hyperbaric science, and diving technology. I certainly learned a lot, met some really cool people who do great things, and took home a whole list of ideas for…

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Back to the Philippines as pandemic restrictions end

(personal blog post) With travel to and from Taiwan possible again without mandatory quarantine, I was finally able to visit the Philippines for the first time since January 2020. While much has changed in and around my old haunt of Puerto Galera (Mindoro), and quite a few dive shops in the area have closed (in…

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