About me

I knew I was hooked on diving the first time I took a breath from a regulator. That must have been around 1988, when I was a junior lifeguard in my home town near Münster, Germany.

These days, I live in Asia most of the time (Taiwan and the Philippines). I am a technical diving instructor, as well as a cave and rebreather diver, and I write and serve as an editor for diving publications. Even though the life I live now was unimaginable back then, it was that first breath in 1988 that planted the seed for it.

I’m also a certified legal translator in my first career, and I continue to work in that capacity.

Through luck, determination, hard work, and with the invaluable help of people I met along the road, I’ve been able to combine my love of travel and the underwater world with a passion for teaching and the written word and turn it all into a way of life.

Diving/teaching qualifications (selected)

  • TDI Extended Range Instructor (Backmount/Sidemount)
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer/Tech Sidemount Instructor
  • Specialty instructor: Nitrox, Wreck, Drysuit, Cavern, Deep, Night, …
  • Full Cave Diver
  • Full Trimix Diver
  • CCR Diver

Interested in taking a class with me? Do you have a story
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